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Beginners/New to CrossFit

For those new to CrossFit, We offer a free consult and intro class. Please reference our Getting Started page for more information and to get in contact with a coach.

CrossFit Classes

Workouts are completed in a group class environment. One or more of our certified coaches will be available in each class to make sure you are being properly trained in the movements and to give you that push when needed. Think of it as personal training in a group environment. Everyone has different needs and workouts are adjusted to meet their specific skill level. Workouts are planned and designed to make sure you get a balance in your fitness. They are “varied” NOT “random”. We pride ourselves in our programming and you can see the results in our members.

– All memberships are UNLIMITED memberships in month to month, 6 month, or 12 month memberships-
– 12 month Membership price $175-

Discounted Rates
We offer reduced rates for Students / Teachers / Firemen / Policemen / EMT / Active Military (verification required)
– 12 month membership price $135-

Personal Training

One on one instruction with a coach.

As a great way to get an idea of what to expect with personal training we offer an initial 30 minutes for $30. There is no commitment required. If you like the direction that personal training is going you would then go to the individual coaches hourly rate.

OPEX Programming

Are you interested in a personalized program? Visit our partner gym OPEX Peak City. There you will undergo a comprehensive assessment and be partnered up with your own coach. You still get a great group environement and top quality coaching but you are on a plan that is specific for you and your goals.