CrossFit Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Level 2

Like many in the area, I’m not from these parts. Originally from Long Island, New York, I grew up in a large family where sports were everything. PE was my favorite class as a kid, and not much has changed since. After finishing my college running career where I competed as a heptathlete, I dabbled in challenges like half marathons. Fast forward to 2013 and CrossFit finally found me. From my first community WOD, I was hooked. Within months I earned my Level 1 certification with my CrossFit Kids certification soon to follow. Being in a CrossFit facility is like being back on the playground like when we were kids. There are tons of ways to push and challenge yourself and as you do, incredible growth and development occurs, not just physically but mentally as well. I have coached track and field and cross country for a number of years and with various age groups. Making the transition to coaching CrossFit and all that it entails was a natural progression.